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Welcome! GOF_STILLS is an icontest dedicated the book/movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The mod posts different icon challenges every week. When the challenge is over, the voting begins. Two days later, winners are announced and banners are given! If you have a quetion/comment toss it in the suggestion box! :)

Community Mod: iconfluence
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Banner Maker: carmineador
Banner Maker: YOU?
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1. Entries will NOT be accepted if they are animated. This is a stillness community.
2. You may not post your icon anywhere this includes other icon contests (not even on other sites)
3. Do not vote for yourself. It is unfair and will not be tolerated.
4. You may not tell/ask people to vote for your entries(this includes your friends and family members).
5. Entries must suit LJ requirments: less than 40KB, 100x100 or less, and must be .jpg, .gif or .png
6. Comment with your submission on the post with the challenge.
7. The number of allowed entries will vary dependent upon the challenge each week. I'll always post the number with the challenges.
8. You will need an image host. A good site for image hosting is Photobucket. When submitting your icon, you must put the URL underneath the icon. Like so:


New challenges posted on Mondays.
Entries due by Saturday at 12pm.
Voting until Monday at 8am.
Winners announced on Monday.
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